MetaProducts Flash and Media Capture SR1

MetaProducts Flash and Media Capture SR1

Save images and Flash applets from the pages you browse
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We all have come upon situations where we wanted to save something important, for example, a video or an image. Or for that matter, even flash applets. There have been long and tiresome methods for doing it, but now with Flash and Media Capture 1.7, the job becomes relatively simpler. This software allows the creation of new flash applets and also helps the user to save images and videos from video sharing websites. This is done by installing a toolbar.

Flash and Media Capture 1.7 allows the toolbar to be added to Microsoft Internet Explorer since it is a windows plug-in application. The other features include the option of a dialogue window that allows the user to see all the videos, images and flash objects on the webpage, thus making preview and save possible.

The software is capable to save FLV format videos; hence videos from YouTube, Google and MySpace can be directly saved. An advanced save option is included. This allows the user to save files of specific dimensions and sizes and to skip the rest. The software is very useful for video lovers. The tool can also be of much use for making an image folder, colleting pictures from all available websites.

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  • FLV formats are directly saved


  • Installs a toolbar
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